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Spring Schedule 2013:

Presentations Live

The Alpha Speakers Workshop

Stockholm, Sweden

Week 16: 17-18 april

Week 21: 22.23 may

Week 23: 4.5 june


The international standard

for excellence in presentations


Adapted to the context

of Swedish cultural values

A Transformational Process: the Pentagon Challenge

Penta = "five". Five Participants. Five sessions lasting five hours.
Agon = a contest or challenge, as in the Olympic games.

Typical workshops provide two or three days of training, after which the participants return to the same workplace culture as before. Follow up and reinforcement is high limited.

The Pentagon challenge is designed to change all that. We spread the workshop process over a period of five weeks, to provide for long term review and reinforcement of all of the skills practiced. At the same time, it may be easier for a group of employees to devote a half day each week to this program, than it is for them to take off two whole days of work at one time.

Each week’s half day session reinforces the lessons from the week before, and provides time for in depth training in new areas.

Instead of spending two days in a workshop, your people spend five weeks in an ongoing learning process, This extended attention span, and repeated reinforcement, allows every participant to start to achieve his highest potential as a speaker.

If your workplace does not have a highly developed communications culture…this workshop is the way to begin to create it. If your company does have a communications culture in place, this workshop is an opportunity to maximize its effectiveness.

The Pentagon Challenge…is not for the fainthearted. But for those who rise to the challenge---the potential for what they can learn over five weeks time, instead of a few days, is unlimited.

For more information, see the video to the right and/or download the e-brochure below.

Pentagon Challenge Brochure

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