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Spring Schedule 2013:

Presentations Live

The Alpha Speakers Workshop

Stockholm, Sweden

Week 16: 17-18 april

Week 21: 22.23 may

Week 23: 4.5 june


The international standard

for excellence in presentations


Adapted to the context

of Swedish cultural values

The Exercise of Leadership through Live Presentations:
The Executive Suite

Why not enjoy the luxury of your own personal coach to help you achieve mastery in presentations which reflect the intelligence, drive, and insight that led you to the top of your field?

The Executive Suite puts our expertise at the service of your leadership capacities. We focus on the aspects of live presentations which are most critical for translating your leadership goals into action. A blend of one-on-one dialog and individual coaching focus on enhancing your ability to exercise leadership through the spoken word. In addition to your individual concerns, you will:

Build a leadership profile so that your message and your physical presence express leadership values in word and deed.

Develop professional expertise so that your skillfulness in delivering presentations reflects the same skillfulness and leadership that you demonstrate in your own field of expertise.

Enhance your capacity to prepare and deliver dynamic, focused presentations from the boardroom to the convention hall, to lead and inspire your organization.

Flexible formats allow you to fit this vital work in between more urgent items on your agenda, as this program can be conducted in the form of half-day individual coaching sessions, as well as in small group workshops with a few chosen colleagues.

And each executive receives his or her own Executive Action Pack, a detailed package of video, personal inventory, analysis, and individual coaching suggestions --- so that your allow you to revisit key points of the program quickly and easily.

For more information, view the video to the right of this page, and download the e-brochures below....

Executive Suite Brochure (English)

Mail:       Sweden: +46 (0)73 021 5059       France: +33 6 03 81 61 76       USA : +1 646 924 6824
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