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Spring Schedule 2013:

Presentations Live

The Alpha Speakers Workshop

Stockholm, Sweden

Week 16: 17-18 april

Week 21: 22.23 may

Week 23: 4.5 june


The international standard

for excellence in presentations


Adapted to the context

of Swedish cultural values

Interactive Events and Inspirational Presentations.

John Paval regularly engages in inspirational or educational talks and interactive events, sometimes on a commercial basis, sometimes as a public service for community groups. We also design events and talks on requested topics, like: delivering your message through media interviews, clear and lively power point presentations, communicating through virtual and digital media. Our most popular lectures are:

Let's Talk is one half hour of entertaining, interactive exercises where all of your audience experiences what a challenge it can be to communicate even a simple message by means of a live presentation.

Speak Out, Sverige is an interactive discussion designed to show Swedish audiences, in particular, that your own cultural values (like "lagom") can serve as the basis for powerful and enjoyable live presentations. Do you want to be a more effective speaker? Do it…the Swedish way!

The Naked Truth...about Presentation Skills explodes a number of pseudo-scientific myths about presentation skills which you may have heard in lectures, workshops, or on television. Then you find out for yourself how modern science actually does prove the power and usefulness of truths which have been used by successful speakers from ancient times down to the present.

Live the Message: This presentation is a journey through music, song, poetry, drama and laughter to lead you to experience the one single most important truth about how to deliver a successful presentation. John Paval uses all his experience and talents as an actor, singer, and student of classical literature to take you there. Great speakers have known this truth since the dawn of time. Now you can, too.

For more information about each of these lectures, see the video to the right and download the e-brochures below....

Interactive Talks with John Paval
Live the Message
The Naked Truth

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