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Spring Schedule 2013:

Presentations Live

The Alpha Speakers Workshop

Stockholm, Sweden

Week 16: 17-18 april

Week 21: 22.23 may

Week 23: 4.5 june


The international standard

for excellence in presentations


Adapted to the context

of Swedish cultural values


John Paval is a frequent guest lecturer in the world renowned POWER program (Program in Writing and Rhetoric) at Stanford University, and in the Cross-Cultural Rhetoric Program at Stanford which brings together experts in the art of communication and university rhetoric departments programs from California to Uppsala to Moscow to Cairo to Australia.

POWER program lectures include 1½-2 hours mini-workshops on presentation and rhetorical skills which are often delivered from our offices in Europe via videoconference, using videoconferencing to actively involve the students in group and individual exercises in the practice of presentation skills and rhetorical strategies.

Similar made to order workshops for training future business leaders have included:

Business2Raise, Odense, Denmark: We designed and delivered daylong workshops for start up businesses and entrepreneurs on the use of presentations to perform such critical tasks as introducing new products and attracting investors, yearlong training program at the Tietgen Business School sponsored and funded by the European Union.

Stockholm School of Economics, Stockholm, Sweden : ICS designed and led both individual lectures and half day workshops on the use of presentations for effective corporate leadership, for a mix of young Swedish and international executives in the prestigious IFL International MBA Program.

Designing specialized workshops and other events also extends to our work in the corporate sector. For more information, read the e-brochure below.

“What a wonderful event! My students were still raving about it in class Mon, Wed, and in conference yesterday evening! Thank you again so much.”
Alyssa O'Brien, Lecturer, Program in Writing and Rhetoric, Stanford University

“Tusind tak. . . . This was a very successful session for
my students and I, so worthwhile!”

Helle Ryktonen, Lecturer, Program in Writing and Rhetoric, Stanford University

“Thank you so much again for such an amazing workshop. My students are still talking about it
and putting into practice the strategies that you shared with them.”

Christine Alfano, Asst. Director, Program in Writing and Rhetoric, Stanford University

John Paval at Stanford University, February 5 2010
John Paval at Stanford University, May 7 2010
John Paval at Stanford University, April 28 2010

Made to Order Workshops and Events

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