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Spring Schedule 2013:

Presentations Live

The Alpha Speakers Workshop

Stockholm, Sweden

Week 16: 17-18 april

Week 21: 22.23 may

Week 23: 4.5 june


The international standard

for excellence in presentations


Adapted to the context

of Swedish cultural values

Presentation skills for the global community...

Welcome to the ICS platform of support for achieving professional goals through live presentations at conferences, in meetings, in person or online, in any form of public speaking, to any audience anywhere.

Whether you are...

A top executive exercising leadership through inspirational and motivational speeches

A manager seeking to guide and motivate your team, not just tell them what to do

A researcher or a consultant with complex ideas to convey clearly and correctly

An HR director, or an academic speech program, seeking an intelligent approach to presentation skills which meets the demand for productivity inthe marketplace...

We'll show you how to bring your message to life, how to transform meaning into action, how to translate values, ideas, objectives, intentions and, yes, hopes and dreams...into projects, programs, accomplishments.

The Power of Live Presentations

For in the end, isn't that what oral presentations do? They bring messages to life by having a living human being present them, rather than a paper memo or an electronic email or a virtual tweet. . . . And they gather people together to experience the message as a live audience, in person or online, rather than as individuals alone in their own corner.

So all of our programs use interactive exercises to practice what you can actively do, right away, to achieve the goal of your next presentation. We discuss why these skills work, too, based on timeless principles of classical oratory and today's research on how audiences process what they see and hear. Finally, we provide you with a range of written and video materials to use to deepen and expand your expertise in the future.

If this sounds good to you, feel free to contact us to talk about putting the power of live presentations to better use in the service of your individual or organizational goals. . .

Mail:       Sweden: +46 (0)73 021 5059       France: +33 6 03 81 61 76       USA : +1 646 924 6824
Skype : PresentationsLive
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